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Digital Download of Parousia by Ca$h Dreed.

 ***iPhone users alert.*** Digital albums are not currently able to be downloaded on your iPhone. Please access the file your computer or via an app which downloads music files such as Document.

1. Parousia
2. Tickets
3. Sundays Best
4. Elastic (feat. Freas)
5. For Dolo (feat. Remiluv, Freas & Giiant)
6. Homeboy
7. Expressions
8. Good Byes (prod. by E.C)
9. Scoreboard (prod. by E.C)
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by Mon$rock
Cover Arte by G.Fngrz - Stockton, CA
Executive Produced by Coldtwelvers
Woodland, California
© 2020 Coldtwelvers Music ASCAP

Ca$h Dreed - Parousia (Digital Download)

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