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LB, aka Larry Luva, comes from the City of Trees Woodland.Northern CA. Initially discovered by his weed dealer, LB arrives with his first solo album. When he’s not in the lab, you can find Larry Luva hustling wood for his family and spittin game to his old lady to make sure he’s still got it.


larry luva cover.jpg

LB - Larry Luva



Ca$h Dreed feat. LB- Dizzy

Cash $till Rules (Album)

Ivy League IVY Brown Wonder .jpg

Ivy League- Ivy Brown Wonder (Mixtape)

LL Saddao.png

LB - Saddao


LB Apollo 5.jpg

 LB - Apollo 5. (Mixtape)

Scent of Sin.jpg

Ivy League- Scent of Sin (Single)


Ca$h Dreed / LB

Pounds N Pesos (EP)

IVY Smoke Break Vol 1.jpg

Ivy League- Smoke Break (Album)


We freak beats that your mom probably partied to. 
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