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Ca$h Dreed


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Students of the True School Golden Era then later graduated Magna Cum Laude through the emergence of Underground Rap by way of California!  Ca$h Dreed is tandem duo that consists of the classical producer and a lyrical surgeon with a West Coast draw. 


A musical bond forged family ties created a group that has continued to put their artistry above the road most traveled by adopting their "stay same while things change" mentality.  Integrity goes a long way in this hip-hop game, true to the music simply equates to dope music.  The signature sound cultivated by Ca$h Dreed is described as, “Boom Bap meets Born to Mack.”

Never ones to label themselves as any singular style or sub-genre Ca$h Dreed has embraced the ever changing face of the art form. "Rap moves in cycles but the B-Boy will always remain".  The game has changed, but the fundamental principles have not.

** Honing their craft in an a pre social media network era Ca$h Dreed has crafted a solid stage show opening for the likes of Talib Kweli, De La Soul, Heiroglyphics, Raekwon, Murs, Phil Tha Agony, Ana Tijoux, People Under The Stairs, Mr Lif, Zion I, Planet Asia, Living Legends, The Cuf, ZMan and Abstract Rude.**


BAP vol2.jpeg

Bapnotes - Record Store Vol 2 (Album)
El Rob - No Limit


Ca$h Dreed / LB

Pounds N Pesos (EP)

EG .jpg

Elephant Gun - The New American Wasteland (Album)


Ca$h Dreed - Parousia



Ca$h Dreed - Nice


Cash No mask.jpg

Ca$h Dreed - Cashvilliany  (Album)


Ca$h Dreed - Plata



Ca$h Dreed - Cash $till Rules (Album)


Ca$h Dreed - Cash Rules (Album)


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