The quarterback, the conductor, the big fella, Mon$rock is an orchestra. Son of a bass player, and songwriter; it was only natural that he carries on tradition. Coming from someone who considers beat-making the fifth element of hiphop let me say that Mon$ is a true general, Peyton Manning behind the box taking command of every project he’s ever been a part of. From his early sample-free catalogue that was conceived on a Casio keyboard and the now classic Tascam analog 4track, to complete production of Pete B’s Beans & Rice LP released on Catz Go Round Records in 2009. The weapons have changed and the artillery is stockpiled only making the soldier a sharper marksmen on the beats. Following in the mold of some of the games nicest hybrids like J Dilla, Pete Rock and Madlib, Mon$ is a true dual threat with his undeniable stage presence. While he may disagree even without the afro the dude still gets it in. Serving as the house chef and founder of Coldtwelvers, he easily leaves his finger prints all over each project he touches, and it doesn’t appear that he’s gonna be slowing down anytime soon. Mon$ told me that regardless of where music takes him he’s not gonna stop. “Im’a be 70 years old making beats.” I don’t know why but I believe him yo…



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BS WH Side A.png

Bigsammy - Woodland High 



Mon$rock & E.C - Coldpacks (Instrumental)


Ca$h Dreed / LB

Pounds N Pesos (EP)


Ca$h Dreed - Cash $till Rules (Album)


Mon$rock - Me and Mr Jones 



Ca$h Dreed - Cash Rules (Album)


LB - Larry Legend



Ca$h Dreed - Plata



Ca$h Dreed - Nice


EG .jpg

Elephant Gun - The New American Wasteland (Album)

Cash No mask.jpg

Ca$h Dreed - Cashvilliany  (Album)


Ca$h Dreed - Parousia


larry luva cover.jpg

LB - Larry Luva  (Album)

BS RFP.jpg

Ca$h Dreed - Cashvilliany (Un-Mixtape)


Mon$rock - Soup or Dope (Instrumental)

PB BNR.jpg

Pete B - Beans & Rice (Album)