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Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Ca$h Dreed & LB - Pounds N Pesos

Just in time to refresh and start a new era of Coldtwelvers Music, we bring you Pounds n Pesos the latest release by Ca$h Dreed and LB.

“In the land of motormouths the greatest asset, is ears.”

We (Ca$h Dreed) have been in the background watching, listening. As Rob says, "the belly bigger, a little older". Instead of talking about what we've been doing, we decided to share some of it with you.

About Pounds N Pesos

We started this project the same as we do every other one. Records ready to sample, some ideas jotted down but no real format in mind. We kind of just follow it wherever it goes as long as it feels good. This time we invited LB who we first worked with on Cash Still Rules find it here. We initially planned to call this project Extra Regular, but as the recordings progressed we felt this was a good representation of our sound. We felt a good chemistry with LB as if he was part of the same cycle. As Rob says, "its all about the cash, dreed". I cant exactly remember how it came about but someone pointed out the measurement of currency in the UK, is a pound; an LB. Add a couple beans to the mix and you get the Pesos. So yeah, Cash still rules.

In preparation for summer time, we wanted to bring something you can enjoy with your favorite cold twelver. Bust out the lawn chairs, and fire up the BBQ. This is grown man music for all ages. Thats right. Even if you don't rock the taco meat with the open hawaiian shirt, you'll still get the intent.

A huge thank you to our families for inspiring us on this project. To our wives for letting the buzzards stay out late. To our kids for not complaining when we listen to the rough mixes in the car. To our parents for putting us on to some good music growing up and teaching us how to adult. And to all of the real ones that stick around to see what happens when the sensai steps out the dojo to flex on em. We love you.

Ca$h Dreed & LB Pounds N Pesos

GET IT HERE: Bandcamp also HERE

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