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New Music: Ca$h Dreed - Parousia 8/2/20

Updated: Dec 16, 2020




  1. another term for Second Coming.

Some background: We started making music back in 1999 as INE, then pivoted to Ca$h Dreed in 2006. After a couple runs at establishing our name, we weren’t really on the same wavelength as everyone else so we went back into the dojo but we stayed refining our sound. I tell people we’re like the sensai who doesn’t need to flex, but every now and then he’s gotta locc up on someone so they know. That’s kinda where we’re at now. We’re circling the block again.

We made these joints over time and some even after G.Fngrz (Stockton, CA) eloquently painted the titles on the cover. The approach was to curate instead of putting out the newest. With that, we enlisted our homies FREAS, Giiant, E.C and even got my daughter Remiluv in the mix because $D has always been about family. Listen close and you’ll hear our story and references to our love for the City of Woodland. Whether we went to school, worked, coached, or collaborated together, you’ll know this is as true to life as it gets.

Cheers to the Wood, double shots for everyone still rockin with us.

We've made a limited run of physical copies (CD) just in case you still keep that CD binder stocked. Presales for Parousia begin Monday 8/2/20 only at

Otherwise, you'll need to wait until 8/29 when it hits all major streaming platforms.

GET YOURS and own a replica of the masterpiece by G.Fngrz.

Ca$h Dreed - PAROUSIA


1. Parousia

2. Tickets

3. Sundays Best

4. Elastic (feat. Freas)

5. For Dolo (feat. Remiluv, Freas & Giiant)

6. Homeboy

7. Expressions

8. Good Byes (prod. by E.C)

9. Scoreboard (prod. by E.C)

All tracks produced, and mixed by Mon$rock

Cover Arte by G.Fngrz - Stockton, CA

Executive Produced by Coldtwelvers

Woodland, California

© 2020 Coldtwelvers Music ASCAP

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