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New Music: Ca$h Dreed- Plata

I think we can all agree these are some strange times we’re living in, but Ca$h Dreed is still here playing our part in the form of a 3-pack soundscape titled: Plata. Don’t worry we’ve been social distancing, rocking masks and

staying out of the barbershop. With that being said, we‘ve decided to dig in the ice chest and pull out a 3-pack of 25oz cold ones and crack them open on 5/30. Normally we’d suggest that you posse up, grab your favorite sports beverage, and turn the party out but this time we gotta do the right thing. In all honesty this 3-pack is made for the whip,but If you got the proper audio equipment at the crib and don’t mind pissing off your neighbors feel free to give it some burn. On behalf of Coldtwelvers and Ca$h Dreed we want y’all to stay safe, hydrated and let the tape run.

Available on 5/30/20

Get Plata HERE

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