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Bigsammy - Woodland High EP 12/12

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

He told you before, make room for the big man.

Bigsammy is back with a new EP titled "Woodland High" releasing on 12/12/20 (Cold12 day). This 8 track project sheds some perspective into the life of Slime on tracks like Chasing Stars, and We In; where he gives you the scoop on what he made it out from under. Then, he takes you for a joyride over the funk laced Butter Bean before he turns out the final song of the EP titled Chubby Wubby for a flashback to the 80s freestyle sound. Through the course of the EP, each track sonically paints the picture of life in Woodland, high.

During our conversations while we recorded this album, Bigsammy told me that he's actually trying now. Which mens he was just playing around before. You'll definitely hear progression during playback. Not just from the previous works, but from his overall perspective.

I hope you stay tuned to hear the rest of the story.

The first Single from Woodland High- "Chasing Stars" will be online on Thanksgiving Day. Learn more about it here.

Woodland High streams everywhere on 12/12/20. As its added to stores links will be updated.

Physical copies (CD) of Woodland High will be available on our store page HERE.

You can also lock down the Official Woodland High tee, or even get yourself the Big Slime pack with all the above plus a few extras. Tell a friend or former classmate. Go Woofs.


  1. Morning Announcements

  2. Chasing Stars (feat. Remiluv)

  3. We In

  4. Butter Bean

  5. Dippers

  6. Fail

  7. P.O.M.E.

  8. Chubby Wubby

Tracks 2,7 Produced by Rhythm Addicts

Tracks 3,5 Produced by Mike Colossal

Tracks 4,6,8 Produced by Mon$rock

Cover Art by Mon$

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