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“A melody can create a bond between me and listeners that can last forever,” says Woodland native Sam Arroyo. The power of words is not lost on the 38 year old MC dubbed Bigsammy who started freestyling in high school, and inspired by the crew INE, started writing and recording in 2002. His affiliation with the crew stuck and, and now under the name Coldtwelvers, Sammy has released a string of EP’s with the label (Woodland High, 2020 and Summer School, 2021). With a healthy balance of bangers and boom-bap Sammy crafts lyrics with wit and introspection. At times his bars strike like a battle rapper going for the crown, while others pierce the soul with admissions of man on a pursuit for growth. It’s this exact reason his live shows resonate with audiences. “Performing is my happy place. It’s the time I feel most alive,” says Sammy on the rewards of his craft. Whether in the studio or on stage the approach remains the same; committed and infatuated with the art of Rap.



Bigsammy - Summer School (Album)
Release date 8/13/21

bs hty .png

Bigsammy - Hot This Year (Single)
Release date 7/23/21

BS RFP.jpg

Bigsammy - Refrigerator Perry (EP)

bssummer single.png

Bigsammy - Summertime feat. LB (Single)
Release date 8/7/21


Bigsammy - Woodland High (EP)

Release date 12/12/20


Jake Uno- Vibe To It

(feat Bigsammy & Whoduk)


Bigsammy - Do You Juana (Single)
Release date 7/30/21


Bigsammy - Chasing Stars (Single)

Release date 11/26/20

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