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First Edition Woodland High CD in Cardboard Sleeve


Track list:

1. Morning Announcements

2. Chasing Stars (feat. Remiluv, Prod. by Rhythm Addicts)

3. We In (Prod. by Mike Colossal)

4. Butter Bean (Prod. by Mon$rock)

5. Dippers (Prod. by Mike Colossal)

6. Fail (Prod. by Mon$rock)

7. P.O.M.E. (Prod. by Rhythm Addicts)

8. Chubby Wubby (Prod. by Mon$rock)


Recorded and Mixed by Mon$rock

Cover Art by El Mismo

Executive Produced by Coldtwelvers

© 2020 Coldtwelvers Music ASCAP

Bigsammy - Woodland High (CD) PREORDER


    © 2020  Coldtwelvers Music

    Woodland, California

    We freak beats that your mom probably partied to. 
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