Monday, March 28, 2011

Raphael Saadiq- "Stone Rollin" Video

Always been a fan of Raphael Saadiq. My favorite album has got to be Instant Vintage. Then he dropped "The Way I See It" and it had that Motown sound to it, which blew me away. I can't wait for the new LP!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Elzhi- Elmatic Previews

Damn! I give props to Fashawn doing the Ode To Illmatic. But I cant front- Elhzi is gonna kill it when he drops his version.

Defari- Let It Go (Live) Unreleased

Man. I can't wait for him to drop this track. Even sounds dope live!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tarik Sabar- The Key (beat tape)

Chuuwee "Post Mortem"

This kid is doing his thing. Also one of my favorite samples.

RBL Posse- Players Anthem (Video)

Growing up on Bay Area Hip Hop, your gonna have an RBL cd in your deck.
I'd have to say my favorite was Ruthless By Law. And still after all these years, Black C is still reppin for the Bay Area pioneers who set the lane for all others to do it out here. This video is from the latest album, 70's Baby, which got lots of play in my headphones because of the sample heavy production. Go check it out.

F it. I'm gonna take it back! Enjoy.
Gotta love the end of this track. Some might have missed it if they skipped to the next track. Why would you? The way they flipped it to that Minnie Ripperton sample was crazy!!

This one is for my mans Rob C.

This one reminds me of my High School days! Haa!! I remember hearing this on a compilation before it hit this album.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Woodstone to The Bay (Whats Next?)

New beat with some visuals. And a story behind it.

The homie Andrew ( sent me a text yesterday asking if i could sample a certain John Coltrane song. Well it just so happened I was sitting at the Mpc. Not only was I already in beat mode, but I had already flipped through a few records with no luck. So I hit up Youtube and peeped out the Coltrane song. After the beat was done I decided to flip through my footage I took while driving home from Woodland the other day. Combined to two. Heres the result.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drinkend @ Rob's

Drinkend At Rob's from Andrew Zaragoza on Vimeo.

Some quick visuals from this past Sunday courtesy of It was a good day full of filming, photographs, wheelchairs, breakdancing, cold ones and high-sodium mexican chips. Just like old times when I used to live in Woodstone- chillin on a Sunday.

E.C on the BEAT- RobinGivens

RobinGivens (Instrumental) by beatsbyE.C

MED ft. Talib Kweli- Classic (Video)

New video. Goodsheeyit. I've been following MED since the early years and dudes been stepping it up. Cant wait for his next ish.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BASICS Video Shoot (More Flix)

Almost Done...

Mas y Mas

Mas Fotos

Yes. More Photos.

More Photos

Yes you are seeing correctly. Jake Uno from INE was in the spot!!! The homie made the long drive from Humboldt and got it in the day before in the Detox Box. The beats started brewin at 9am and the beers stopped crackin around 8pm. Unfortunately I couldnt make it. Damnit.

BASICS Video Shoot (photos)

Heres some flix I took from this past Sundays video shoot for Cash Dreeds, Basics. It was the perfect morning. Cold. Cloudy. Productive. But we couldnt have done it without help from a dope artist who blessed the train with an exclusive COLDTWELVERS burner. Shouts to the BEANAH.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mean Doe Green- Black Suits and Shovels

New and free album from Mean Doe Green. Peep it. You'll definitely enjoy.

Thursday, March 10, 2011