Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was gonna explain this album to ya'll but then I realized... El Rob already did.

"im no journalist so im just gonna dive right in and beat the cat with this one. DBG (ine, e.c., big sammy). well theres really no ryhme or reason it just makes sense. by 2001,2002 we (ine) had a few projects and a hand full of live shows under our belt and e.c. and scams were there to soak everything up, i know were nobodys, but when it came down to making music our attitude was and has always been the exact opposite. i remember sessions at jakes crib with his little brother nick where it felt more like a party than an actual recording session but we'd knock out 3 to 4 cuts a night. looking back those for me were some of the bestest (yes, bestest), most productive and livest sessions i've been apart of. alright now lets fast forward to 2005,2006 by this time we'd completed several more projects, more shows. meanwhile scams and e where adding to there resume, scams with three full length mixtapes, numerous shows and his own radio show "hip hop truck stop" on kdvs 90.3 fm. my little big brother e since has put out two full length albums, full production on both of anxious' albums, full production of solraks first release and half of his latest, not to mention his apartment in woodland was the spot, numerous cats recorded there. i told jake that there was a vibe in there that sparked instant creativity, for me at least. these sessions reminded me of the old ones its almost like coming full circle. that is why pac div makes sense. i will approach this DBG venture just like i have approached every project i have ever been a part of and not force anything just let it be. i will add to it and let it sit to ferment for awhile and when it is finished it will be the best product i'll ever been apart of."
El Rob


Friday, January 30, 2009


OK,since this blog is fresh out the gate, I cant waste any more time. lets get you up to speed. Compliments of the house of flying daggers, BeatKoductas MadP and Drasar Monumental bring you their latest edition of " Wax Weapons " A one-take-taker throwdown on some of that gully ish to make you ball fists and punch the speaks. All vinyl, No do-overs.
FK dumbshit. be sure to check them dudes out at

hiphopbattlefield and funkwhatyaheard
and tell them the big guy sent you


bang it in ya jeep. peace.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


A while back Mons and I conversated about gettin down on this blogging thing. Well we finally did it. So from this point on Mons, myself and ElRob will be serving ya'll nothing but informative and useless info. Whether its new music (yes we make music too), good beer or new records that we've dug up- we'll be servin it.

As for the first post, I gotta lead off with a new track off of the long awaited D.B.G album titled "OLD NEW SHH." D.B.G stands for many things but... more on that later. Until then bump the shh out of this and make sure to cop the free download this Saturday. Maybe manana.

Peace, beer and beats.

DBG- Thats Word